6 Tips for Optimizing Air Freight Freight

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      Managing air freight can be complex and requires specific freight forwarding skills and knowledge. Negotiating with air freight suppliers and executing each task in a timely manner is just the beginning.

      Air freight operations can be improved with some inside knowledge. This includes efficient cargo packaging, knowledge of flight routes and transfer points, advance cargo planning, annual contracts with freight forwarders, cargo consolidation and error-free documentation. It helps you save time, cost and effort and make the most of air freight.

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      Learn 6 secrets to improve your air freight operations

      1) Efficient packaging is important

      Air freight is the fastest but most expensive method of shipping. Airlines always compare gross and dimensional weight and charge the higher weight. Here, the packaging size of the goods plays a very important role in determining the volumetric weight, and every additional centimeter will increase your costs.

      Additionally, due to size restrictions, a few extra inches in the package may prevent your cargo from being loaded onto the plane. It requires the air freight provider to provide correct information about allowed sizes and efficient packaging skills.

      Shengtai International Logistics has the experience to pack your goods in the most efficient way, leaving no unused space and ensuring the dimensions remain within the limits allowed for air freight.

      2) Flight routes and transfer points are important

      Transit time and security are two of the most important features of air freight operations and should be well managed to ensure safe and on-time delivery. Flight routes and transfer points both affect transfer times and safety. This needs to be understood to achieve planned results.

      But in reality, most managers ignore these factors and focus only on loading and unloading points. Long-haul flight routes increase transit time. Multiple transfer points allow for multiple handling, resulting in a higher risk of damage. Reduce this risk by partnering with International Freight Forwarding company Shengtai to improve your air freight experience by letting you know your flight routes and transfer points.

      3) Plan air shipments in advance to avoid space constraints

      Air freight is an option for transporting urgent and/or high-value cargo. The availability of airfreight space can pose challenges and can be a major cause of delays. This of course defeats the entire purpose of using airfreight as a freight forwarding model.

      To avoid last minute hassles, planning your shipment in advance is ideal. Planning ahead not only gives you plenty of time to prepare your shipment and documents, but it can also help you get better shipping rates. Cooperating with an experienced freight forwarding enterprise can help you plan, book and guarantee your cargo space in advance. Forward planning will facilitate connecting to the desired flight and help your cargo arrive on time.

      4) Sign annual contracts to reduce risks and costs

      Air freight rates depend on oil prices and space availability. International oil prices may change suddenly and affect air freight prices. Likewise, buying spot rates at the last minute can significantly increase your air freight costs.

      Sign up for an annual freight forwarding contract with an experienced freight forwarder to achieve consistent air freight rates and minimal fluctuations throughout the year.

      5) Consolidate shipments and reduce air freight agency costs

      Consolidating multiple shipments will lower your freight costs. Many costs, such as customs clearance, documentation and shipping, are calculated on a per shipment basis and have a large impact on the total cost of air freight. These costs can be significantly reduced by consolidating shipments that need to be shipped within a similar time frame.

      With the help of an experienced air freight forwarder, you can plan to consolidate your shipments according to a fixed air freight schedule. Shengtai Freight Forwarding can review your delivery commitments and plan to consolidate and load these multiple shipments into one and meet the same delivery commitments, thereby reducing your air freight costs.

      6) Correct documentation will avoid detention and demurrage charges

      Air freight services have short transit times, providing a very small window for customs clearance and document processing. Before your air cargo arrives at the airport, businesses should be prepared and provide all documentation to your freight forwarder.

      Additionally, any errors in documentation will detain the shipment and result in additional detention and demurrage charges. Shengtai has the necessary knowledge of the required documents and procedures to execute the entire process flawlessly, ensuring timely and economical clearance of goods. Click here to learn about the documents required to ship your goods.


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