Mid speed wire cutting machine bed usage precautions

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      The mid speed wire cutting machine has added a trimming function compared to fast wire cutting. Trimming is also commonly referred to as multi blade cutting. Generally, the first blade is used for cutting, and the next few blades are used to repair the smoothness. Therefore, during use, wire cutting can achieve a higher smoothness.

      Due to the repeated discharge of electrode wires used in the mid speed wire cutting machine. When using the trimming function, as the cutting area increases, the electrode wire generates drawing and electrode wire loss, which will become finer and ultimately affect the accuracy of the work and the subsequent discharge cutting effect.

      To achieve high accuracy, it is necessary to measure the actual diameter of the molybdenum wire before starting cutting. After cutting the guide line with the new molybdenum wire, it is recommended to tighten the molybdenum wire before officially cutting the workpiece. If the molybdenum wire has been repeatedly used for a long period of time, it is necessary to measure the diameter and roundness of the molybdenum wire. If the difference is too large, a new electrode wire must be replaced.

      The mid speed wire cutting machine should also pay attention to the following points when cutting multiple times:

      (1) When the molybdenum wire runs empty, check if there is any shaking of the molybdenum wire.

      (2) Is there any cutting marks on the surface of the conductive block, and is the molybdenum wire trapped inside the conductive block.

      (3) Is the flow rate and color of the working fluid normal.

      (4) Before processing, the process needs to be simulated. Determine whether the cutting program generated by the system is accurate.

      (5) According to the characteristics of the material, the final cutting allowance should be as long as possible to reduce the impact of material deformation.

      (6) Several issues with the working surface after cutting:

      ① If there are line marks on the surface, it may be caused by electrode wire shaking or material deformation, as well as unreasonable offset settings.

      ② Severe black spots on both ends of the work surface and issues with the working fluid. It is recommended to try using BM-4 water baseline cutting fluid.

      ③ After the mid speed wire cutting machine cuts, please clean the workpiece with oxalic acid in a timely manner, and then rinse with clean water to remove oxalic acid residue. Dry the water stains with a clean white cloth, and finally apply rust proof oil.

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