Huijie semi-automatic shoulder belt threading machine

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      In the dynamic landscape of manufacturing, the Huijie Semi-Automatic Shoulder Belt Threading Machine, bearing the moniker Model HJ-1000D, emerges as a versatile and efficient solution for crafting high-quality shoulder belts. This semi-automatic wonder redefines the threading process with its cutting-edge features and intelligent control, setting a new benchmark for semi-automated textile production.

      Efficiency Meets Precision:

      Designed to balance efficiency and precision, the HJ-1000D ensures that each step of the threading process is executed with finesse. Powered by a microcomputer control system, this machine boasts rapid response times, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity. In a manufacturing world that thrives on speed without compromising quality, the HJ-1000D rises to the occasion.

      Infrared Detection:

      At the heart of the HJ-1000D's prowess lies its advanced infrared detection technology. Upon detecting the presence of material, this intelligent machine swiftly draws in the buckle, secures the material, and commences the sewing process. The result? A seamless fusion of materials that adheres to unified standards. This approach ensures that every shoulder belt produced is consistent in quality, meeting the demands of discerning customers.

      Versatile Functionality:

      The HJ-1000D is more than just a shoulder belt threading machine—it's an embodiment of innovation. Beyond its core functions, this machine features an array of capabilities that redefine semi-automated threading. From detecting broken wires and insufficient buckles to offering automatic snap ring repair, the HJ-1000D ensures that no detail goes unnoticed in the production process.

      Sizing and Compact Elegance:

      The HJ-1000D strikes the perfect balance between size and functionality. Measuring approximately 1200mm in length, 1100mm in width, and 1400mm in height, this compact marvel occupies minimal floor space without compromising on performance. Its unobtrusive stature belies its capability to deliver outstanding results, making it an asset to any production floor.

      Mr. Zhang

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