Guangzhou Ascend Liquid Nitrogen Lyophilized Bead forming/packing System in the IVD Field

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      The lyophilized reagent bead is an advanced application of reagent freeze-drying, and Guangzhou Ascend's liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead forming and packing system, as a preferred supplier in the industry, provides efficient, safe, and reliable solutions for the IVD field. 

      Guangzhou Ascend Liquid Nitrogen Lyophilized Bead forming/packing System

      I. Introduction of Liquid Nitrogen Lyophilized Beads

      The lyophilized bead is a product that combines the low-temperature characteristics of liquid nitrogen with freeze-drying technology. The procedures involve dropping a measured amount of reagent into liquid nitrogen, where the low temperature rapidly freezes the sample into a spherical shape. Subsequently, the sample undergoes a drying process in a lyophilizer, transforming the moisture in the sample into ice crystals, which are then removed through sublimation to achieve freeze-drying and form the lyophilized bead. Finally, the lyophilized beads are filled into various carriers such as 8-tube strips, 96-well plates, and EP tubes using specific filling equipment.

      Guangzhou Ascend Liquid Nitrogen Lyophilized Bead forming/packing System

      II. Applications and Advantages of Lyophilized Beads in the IVD Industry’s application

      The advantages of lyophilized beads in the IVD industry’s main application are reflected in the following aspects:

      1. Preservation and Transportation of Reagents: Liquid diagnostic reagents have high transportation costs, strict conditions, unstable performance, and a short shelf life. The lyophilization method eliminates the need for cold chain transportation and allows for storage at room temperature. Lyophilized beads, once packaged, can be stored and transported at room temperature, which not only reduces transportation and storage costs but also enhances the stability and reliability of the product.

      2. Biochemical Diagnostic Applications: Biochemical diagnostic reagents are an important component of the IVD industry, and lyophilized bead technology can effectively maintain the activity of enzymes and proteins in these reagents, providing strong support for their stability and long-term preservation.

      3. Immunodiagnostic Applications: Immunodiagnosis is another key area of the IVD industry. Lyophilized bead technology can be applied to various immunodiagnostic reagents, such as chemiluminescence and enzyme-linked immunoassays, ensuring the stability and accuracy of these reagents.

      4. Molecular Diagnostic Applications: In the field of molecular diagnostics, lyophilized bead technology can be applied to various aspects such as virus detection, genetic disease testing, and tumor testing. Since molecular diagnostics involve complex molecular biology techniques, maintaining the stability and activity of reagents is crucial, and lyophilized bead technology is an ideal choice to meet this demand.

       III. Features and Advantages of Guangzhou Ascend's Liquid Nitrogen Lyophilized Bead System

      1.Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest and most professional companies in China to research and manufacture precision liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead equipment, possessing core technology for precise dispensing and packing of lyophilized beads.

      2. Guangzhou Ascend offers various kinds of  lyophilized bead dispensing and packing equipment, covering Lab R&D/small batch production and large-scale automatic batch production. In particular, the company launched the latest DS528 fully automatic liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead dispensing system in 2021, meeting the demand for large-batch production of reagent lyophilized beads, reducing labor costs.

      3.The liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead droplet system from Guangzhou Ascend features customized multi-channel,characterized by simple maintenance, volume easy adjustment,and high efficiency, which can greatly improve product production efficiency.

      4. Stability and Reliability: The entire series of lyophilized bead dispensing systems use high-quality materials and advanced fluid control technology to ensure the stability and reliability of the lyophilized bead preparation process. With fluid precise control, the high quality (accuracy/roundness) and high consistency of lyophilized beads can be guaranteed, meeting the IVD industry's demand for high-quality products.

      5. Easy Operation: The system is easy to operate. Simple training is sufficient for independent operation and maintenance.

      Guangzhou Ascend Liquid Nitrogen Lyophilized Bead forming/packing System

      In conclusion, lyophilized bead with its unique advantages, has been widely applied in the IVD industry. Guangzhou Ascend's liquid nitrogen lyophilized bead dispensing and packing system will bring more innovation and breakthroughs to the IVD field.


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