Guangzhou Ascend Drives Sustainable Development in the Global Energy Industry with Innovation

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      On March 18th, according to the official website of Lead Intelligent, the company formally signed a global strategic cooperation agreement with American Battery Factory (ABF), a U.S. battery manufacturer. As per the agreement, Lead Intelligent will provide ABF with smart production line services for a total target of 20GWh of lithium batteries. It is reported that this is the largest lithium battery equipment order obtained by a Chinese enterprise in the United States to date. Wang Yanqing, Chairman of Lead Intelligent, and Jimmy Ge, CEO of ABF, attended the signing ceremony.

      cooperation agreement

      ABF is a U.S. manufacturer focused on the production of lithium iron phosphate batteries, aiming to create the first localized super battery factory network in the United States. The first phase of its production line in Tucson, Arizona, is expected to be completed and put into operation by 2025. Based on this strategic cooperation, Lead Intelligent will become the sole equipment supplier for the first production line of ABF's super factory network project, providing a complete set of customized intelligent fully automatic production line solutions. By integrating key steps in the manufacturing process, Lead Intelligent can design and verify customized battery product processes for ABF, achieving full lifecycle traceability and helping ABF achieve the important goal of building a 20GWh lithium battery super factory, laying a solid foundation for the construction of the first LFP super factory network in the United States.

      In this context, the CF series explosion proof constant flow pump products from Guangzhou Ascend Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. have become a focus in the industry.

      As a brand recognized by many top-tier lithium battery manufacturers for its injection pump, we specialize in precision fluid series solutions such as injection, dispensing, coating, and pre-filling, and have been committed to the research and development and production of lithium battery injection pumps since 2009, always leading the development path of lithium battery injection pump technology.

      With the increasing global emphasis on environmental protection and climate change, promoting the development of clean energy to replace traditional fossil fuels and reduce carbon emission intensity has become an important direction and consensus for the transformation and upgrading of the global energy equipment industry.


      Ascend company always adheres to the concept of green and sustainable development and actively participates in the service and construction of the global new energy industry. The CF series explosion proof constant flow pump is the result of our many years of technological research and innovation and has passed the ATEX UL certification. This means that the product strictly follows international advanced standards in design, production, testing, and other aspects, especially meeting the strict requirements and safety certification standards for explosion-proof pumps in Europe. This not only reflects the high quality and high safety of the product but also signifies Ascend's technical strength and international level, enabling this series of explosion-proof pumps to have stronger competitiveness in the international market and providing more reliable safety guarantees for global users.

      explosion-proof constant flow

      At present, the CF series explosion-proof pump has been applied in multiple fields of new energy, such as lithium battery manufacturing and energy storage. The series also excels in performance, efficiency, and durability, making it suitable for a variety of industrial scenarios. By applying our CF series explosion proof constant flow pump, enterprises can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the safety of the production process, which is of great significance for promoting the global energy structure transformation and environmental protection.

      In the future, Ascend will continue to drive innovation to enhance the development efficiency and utilization level of new energy, contributing to the global energy structure transformation and environmental protection, and jointly building a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient energy system, committed to promoting the sustainable development of the global energy industry.






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