Greenhouse Shade Cloth With Grommets DSSN-B45HP/60

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      Greenhouse Shade Cloth With Grommets DSSN-B45HP/60

      Product Introduction:
      Dagong® Sun Shade Net
      DSSN can protect the growth of crops both in summer and winter, it can help shading and cooling in summer while warming and moisturizing in winter. So, it is mainly used for the protective cultivation of vegetables, flowers, edible fungi, seedlings, medicinal materials, ginseng, Ganoderma and so on. It has obvious effect on raising the yield.
      Product Details


      1. Shading. DSN has steady shading rate, which will be great to protect some fragile plants who need the environment to be cool and away from the light.

      2. Permeability. Open structure makes it possible for air circulation, which help control the temperature in the green house or garden.

      3. Protection. DSN is strong enough to protect the plants from rainstorm, small hail, attacks from birds and insects, etc.


      Material Weave Color Measure Wire Diameter Weight/m² Shade Rate Warp Density Weft Density Mesh Size UV Radiation Warranty Reinforce Package
      HDPE Plain Weave Black 2*5m R:350D F:780D 45g 60% Fabric Tape+ Buckle Color label and plastic bag

      Dagong is China greenhouse shade cloth with grommets factory. Our premium greenhouse shade cloth with grommets model DSSN-B45HP/60, designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your greenhouse environment.

      Crafted with the finest materials, this greenhouse shade cloth with grommets offers superior shading and protection for your plants, helping to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. The innovative design features strategically placed grommets that allow for easy installation and secure fastening, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum coverage.

      With a shade factor of 60%, this cloth provides the ideal amount of sunlight filtration to prevent sunburn and heat stress on your plants, promoting healthy growth and blooming. The durable construction of the cloth ensures long-lasting performance, with resistance to tearing, fraying, and UV degradation, making it suitable for long-term use in various greenhouse settings.

      Whether you are growing delicate flowers, fresh produce, or exotic plants, our greenhouse shade cloth with grommets DSSN-B45HP/60 is the perfect solution to create a conducive growing environment.


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