Green Windbreak Netting DWN-G70R/4

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      1. Fine wind-proof effect. Strong monofilament and strengthened structure make it possible to reduce the wind speed substantially.

      2. Long service life. DWF can deal with extreme weather conditions and service for 3-5 years or even more. So the frequency of changing the net can be reduced.


      Material Weave Color Measure Wire Diameter Weight/m² Shade Rate Warp Density Weft Density Mesh Size UV Radiation Warranty Reinforce Package
      HDPE Warp Knitting Green 1*50m 230D 70g 4*4mm No color label and PE bag

      Green windbreak netting, also known as windbreak shade netting, is a versatile windbreak netting designed to provide complete protection for your outdoor space. It is made of high-quality materials and has excellent durability and windproof function, while also effectively blocking the sun to create a comfortable environment for you.

      Main feature:

      1. Windproof function: Green windbreak netting adopts a special mesh design, which can effectively block strong wind and reduce wind damage to plants and buildings. It can play a windproof role in outdoor spaces such as gardens, farmland, terraces, courtyards, etc., protecting your plants and furniture from wind damage.

      2. Sunshade protection: In addition to its windproof function, green windbreak netting can also effectively block the sun and create a cool and comfortable environment for you. It can provide shade for your outdoor space on hot summer days, allowing you and your family to enjoy outdoor activities without being disturbed by the hot sun.

      3. High quality material: Our green windbreak netting is made of high quality polyethylene material with excellent durability and tensile strength. It is specially treated to be uv-resistant and weather-resistant, allowing it to be used in outdoor environments for extended periods of time without fading or deformation.

      4. Green appearance: Green windbreak netting adopts a green design and integrates with the natural environment. It not only provides functional protection, but also beautifies your outdoor space. Its green appearance harmonizes with plants and the surrounding environment, creating a pleasant landscape for you.

      5. Easy installation: The installation of green windbreak netting is very simple, just use ropes or clamps to fix it in the desired position. It can be cut and adjusted according to your needs to fit spaces of different sizes and shapes.

      Green windbreak netting is a multifunctional windbreak netting with the dual functions of windproof and sunshade. It is made of high-quality materials, durable and easy to install. Not only does it protect your plants and furniture from wind damage, it also creates a comfortable and cool outdoor environment for you. Whether in the garden, farmland, terrace or courtyard, green windbreak netting is your ideal choice. Dagong is green windbreak netting vendor and windbreak shade netting exporter. Make your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting with green windbreak netting.


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