Factors affecting the delivery time of oscillator pcb

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      The factors that affect the oscillator pcb delivery time are as follows:

      Confirm the working draft and EQ: In the case of foreign customers, due to the time difference, engineers may need to confirm the EQ or update the design of some parts when processing data, which may lead to a delay of one or two days in the production stage of the working draft.

      Scrap replenishment: If there is a problem in the oscillator pcb production process, such as batch scrapping or partial scrapping, it needs to be replenished to restart production, which will result in an extended delivery time.

      Factory production status: If the production status of the PCB manufacturer can only match the small batch production, but in the case of mass production, there will be insufficient production line personnel, unable to meet the capacity target, etc., so that the PCB can not be delivered on time.

      Raw material procurement: Some special PCB board procurement is difficult, or there is a shortage and supply shortage, so that the delivery of the entire order in raw materials is delayed. This situation is generally more common when purchasing special plates (such as Neltec, ISOLA DE104, etc.).

      Line line includes minimum line width line distance, minimum network line width line distance, minimum etching font width, minimum BGA and pad, copper thickness inside and outside the finished product, line spacing and contour parameters, only understanding and familiarity with these parameters, in order to ensure the quality of the circuit graphics studied.

      Character and process: For characters, to master the minimum character width, height, line width and patch character frame spacing and solder stop spacing; And the process should pay attention to peel strength, flame retardant, impedance type and special process.

      Drilling and molding: the details that should be noted when drilling are the same as the lines mentioned in the first point. In terms of shape, attention should be paid to the minimum slot cutter, maximum size and V-CUT to ensure that the shape is complete and clean.

      Solder resist layers and puzzles: There are many types of solder resist layers. Solder bridge should be familiar with the design spacing between pads; Assembly should pay attention to the gap problem, familiar with the various models of half-hole plate assembly delivery rules.

      The number of layers and the number of plates: attention should be paid to the top number, surface treatment process, plate thickness range, plate thickness tolerance, and plate type. At the same time, appropriate design software should be used to ensure the quality of circuit board production.


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