ARKON TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds Achieve a Breakthrough in TWS Technology

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      ARKON, a professional OEM/ODM headphone manufacturer, has also found new growth points in the field of TWS headphones. The ARKON ANC Wireless Earbuds-TN100 is our new breakthrough in TWS technology.

      What Are the Features of ARKON ANC Wireless Earbuds-TN100

        1.Active Noise Cancellation Function

      Audio-video experience in TWS headphones is the most important focus of users, users will not always be in the preset scenarios to apply the product, so in complex environments, good user experience has become a key selling point of the product. So active noise cancellation is a major advantage of ARKON TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds.This technology allows the TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds to reduce background noise by up to 20dB for a great sound experience. It is very convenient to use in scenarios such as voice and video calls, listening to music, exercising,etc..

        2.Digital Display for Battery

      Keeping track of battery life is essential when using wireless earbuds. We have incorporated a digital display feature in the TN100 earbuds, allowing users to easily monitor the remaining battery power. With a quick glance at the display, users can be informed of the battery status and plan their usage accordingly.

                 TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds

      Advantages of ARKON ANC Wireless Earbuds-TN100 Compared with Ordinary Bluetooth Headphones

      1. True wireless bluetooth headphone external completely abandoned the wire connection, and the host can work alone;

      2. Touch controls, simple and convenient, such as: touch to cut the song, pause/play, pick up and hang up the phone;

      3. Thin and light mini, low power consumption. The TN100 ANC wireless earbuds feature a semi-in-ear design. The battery capacity of the earbuds is 30mAh. Although the small size limits the battery capacity, the battery capacity of the charging box is 250mAh, which makes the battery life up to 4.5 hours, which is very suitable for daily use. This can go some way to making up for the lower power of the earbuds.

      4. Bluetooth Version: 5.3:TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth version 5.3. They can be matched with most mobile phones, computers and other digital devices on the market.

      Industry Outlook for TWS Headphone Products

      TWS headphones will go the way of intelligence

      The future of TWS headphone will go to the road of intelligence, can be perfectly combined with the AI field with the use of intelligent voice service technology is also becoming more mature, widely used in automobiles, smart home products, etc., TWS headphone can expand the full voice control, gesture control, etc., in the next stage of the market competition, the artificial intelligence of the TWS products will become one of the focuses.The advantages of TWS headphones make its share in the headphones market is getting higher and higher, with TWS technology constantly upgraded and updated, TWS headphones or will eventually become the standard of shipments from various manufacturers!

      TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds


      The TN100 ANC Wireless Earbuds are one of the great products from our research and development.We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of wireless and wired headphones, wireless speakers, wireless professional transmission systems and audio and video connection products in China. We provide high-quality OEM and ODM products for well-known brands and have more than 30 years of headphone manufacturing experience. Our products cover many fields such as home audio, mobile audio, gaming headphones, high-end headphones, teaching conference systems, etc.

      Please contact us to customize a high-quality audio solution for you.



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